About us

Miroslav Pintar                                                               

is the painter having an aviable skin of building complex figural scenes, gallery of movements and postures, dialogues and noise in the merriment of a drinking party, or in the quiet homework.

It is a kaleidoscope of the expresions and characters, with element of caricature. Intruders do not seem to be intruding in Pintar’s picture, they are directed to ich other in a nice place of the unity of painting surface.

He is a master of organization, a director who entertains with his actors, because in his painting he surpasses with his artistic virtuosity all the problems of the profession dedicating himself freely to the search of the relationship between figures and artistic richness of the surface.

Born in Zagreb in the year 1951. where he still lives and works.

Sonja Pintar

Still life with watermelon

is a Croatian realist who paints in oil with a soft touch and richness of colour that requires great feeling and knowledge. Her subjects range from still lifes and animals to landscapes. Sonja’s own painting technique has grown from her emulation and study of past masters. Her successful depiction of the contrast of light against dark characterizes her painting, and clearly is born of her acutely developed artistry and sence of creativity.

Childhood she spent in Pula, town on the beautifull Adriatic cost, and even then she has been fascinated by art, continually drawing familiar objects at home. This probably influenced her choice to left a comfortable job in Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb and entered the highly competitive world of painting on a full time basis in 1992.

Sonja lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia, sharing an artist studio with her husband who is also a painter and as a strongly critical observer he is her biggest helper.

She exhibits in many group shows all over the world and five one-man shows, all of which were “sell-outs”. Sonja’s paintings can be found in numerous galleries and shops in Croatia , many European countries and USA.